Can Bananas Make a Child Hyperactive? (2 Interesting Child-Friendly Banana Facts)

Child cutting a banana

When feeding your child their favorite fruit, you may be wondering, can bananas make a child hyperactive? It is well documented that some foods can worsen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but are bananas one of them? Sugar is usually the main culprit, and there is no doubt that bananas are very … Read more

Should Butter Be Melted For Banana Bread? (3 Banana Bread Butter Facts)

Melted butter in a ladle and a bowl of flour

It’s a question I see asked fairly often, should butter be melted for banana bread? You’ll generally want to follow a specific recipe to the precise detail in order to produce the ideal final result. And banana bread is certainly no different. However, you may have noticed that some banana bread recipes call for melted … Read more

Would Bananas Exist Without Humans? (Here’s 3 Things You Need to Know)

Process of watering the plants in greenhouse by beautiful young brunette

I’m sure you’re not the only one to wonder, would bananas exist without humans? As much as most of us love our yellow fruit, you can’t help but speculate whether bananas are completely natural. Okay, in the modern day and age, it’s easy to see how man has taken over the production and transportation of … Read more