Why Are My Canned Banana Peppers Mushy? (Explained!)

Preserved food in glass jars

Is anyone else wondering why my canned banana peppers are mushy? There’s nothing worse than spending time trying to perfect the most awesome canned banana peppers, and then they come out all soft and mushy. Don’t get me wrong, they generally still taste great, but that mushy texture can be …

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Are Red Bananas Healthier? (Explained!)

Sweet strawberry and banana juice

I’m sure you’ve wondered, are red bananas healthier? Just looking at a red banana, it does seem to be visually healthier than its yellow counterpart. Whether it’s the size, the color, or simply the fact that red bananas are harder to come by, I have no idea. But is this …

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Can You Root a Banana Tree in Water? (Solved!)

Young banana trees growing on the plantation

So, you want to know, can you root a banana tree in water? I’ll hazard a guess that you’re looking to grow an indoor banana tree, and therefore you wish to know about rooting in water. Will this encourage your banana tree to grow more efficiently? Or are you asking …

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