Why Does My Banana Taste Spicy? (Solved!)

Banana Tastes Spicy

So, you want to know why your banana tastes spicy. This may probably sound somewhat strange to many of you, but for those of you who have experienced this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Granted, bananas are generally known for their sweet taste, although this can vary depending on variety. That being said, … Read more

Are Red Bananas Healthier? (Explained!)

Are Red Bananas Healthier

I’m sure you’ve wondered, “Are Red Bananas Healthier?” Just looking at a red banana, it does seem to be visually healthier than its yellow counterpart. Whether it’s the size, the color, or simply the fact that red bananas are harder to come by, I have no idea. But, is this actually true? Will red bananas … Read more

Why Do Bananas Get Flagged at Airport Security? (3 Banana-Scanning Facts)

Why Do Bananas Get Flagged at Airport Security

It’s one of those strange occurrences that’s hard to explain, “Why Do Bananas Get Flagged at Airport Security?” You would think that there wouldn’t be any issues with enjoying your favorite yellow fruit when you’re traveling. However, more often than not, bananas seem to get flagged by airport security. And this even happens when your … Read more