Can You Eat Banana Leaves? (2 Tasty Banana Plant Facts)

Traditional desserts wrapped in banana leaf

Although they don’t look very appetizing, can you eat banana leaves? You may have seen them used as a plate in some Asian-style or Indian restaurants. Or perhaps read that you can wrap some food items in the leaves before cooking the parcel. Surely they can’t be toxic; otherwise, why …

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Does Eating Bananas Increase Phlegm? (3 Banana-Mucus Facts)

Unhappy ill woman touching her neck, suffering sore throat, viral infection or flu symptoms standing on blue background

You’re clearly worried if you’re asking, does eating bananas increase phlegm? Perhaps, you appear to be suffering from excess mucus and phlegm production. And unfortunately, the only culprit appears to be the beloved yellow fruit. We all know that bananas are generally healthy, nutritious, and taste wonderful. However, that’s not …

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Why Do Bananas Cause Heartburn? (3 Banana-Burning Facts)

Sad young woman with hand on chest feeling sick from heartache or heartburn

It’s a commonly-asked question, why do bananas cause heartburn? I’m sure you typically view a banana as a sweet and nutritious snack. Plus, more often than not, bananas are known for the variety of health benefits they provide. However, this doesn’t mean that the tasty treat doesn’t have its downsides. …

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