Do Hedgehogs Like Bananas? (3 Prickly Facts to Know)

Young Northern white-breasted hedgehog

If you want to attract these cute creatures to your garden, you may be wondering, do hedgehogs like bananas? Are hedgehogs able to eat bananas, or are they harmful to them? Are there any benefits to hedgehogs eating bananas? Why are bananas harmful to a hedgehog’s feet? Do hedgehogs enjoy …

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Do Banana Plants Attract Snakes? (2 Reptilian Facts to Enjoy)

Royal pythons in front of white background

Whether you love or loathe these reptiles, perhaps you have often wondered, do banana plants attract snakes? After all, bananas usually grow in exotic, tropical climates, where snakes are abundant. Is there anything special about banana plants that snakes particularly like? Perhaps they are attracted by smell or taste. Or …

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Can Fish Eat Bananas? (4 Fish-Banana Eating Facts)

Food art on plate

It’s a question that’s asked fairly often, can fish eat bananas? You’re typically spoilt for choice when it comes to feeding fish. However, many of the options seem to be tailor-made specifically for fish. This begs the question of whether they’re able to eat food more suitable for human consumption. …

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