Bananas: The Secret Weapon for a Healthier Heart

A pencil sketch of a bunch of bananas hanging from a banana tree

Bananas support heart health due to their high potassium content, which regulates heartbeat, maintains fluid balance, and stabilizes blood pressure, countering sodium’s effects. Their fiber lowers cholesterol, and antioxidants combat oxidative stress and inflammation. Include bananas in a balanced diet for the best results. I have a penchant for unpacking …

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Are Your Bananas Sustainable? The True Cost of Banana Production

Pencil sketch of a banana plantation

Bananas, a popular global fruit, have significant environmental impacts. Large plantations contribute to deforestation and biodiversity loss. High agrochemical use leads to soil degradation and water pollution, while high water consumption exacerbates local scarcity. Sustainable practices like crop rotation, organic farming, and certification by Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade are crucial. …

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Banana Safety 101: Which Varieties Are Edible?

A charcoal drawing of a banana

Bananas come in diverse varieties, not all of which are edible. Edible bananas, like Cavendish, are sweet and seedless, ideal for snacks and cooking. Non-edible varieties may have hard seeds or high starch content; some can even be toxic. Always identify safe, edible bananas, especially when traveling. Imagine wandering through …

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