Why Does My Banana Taste Spicy? (Solved!)

Banana Tastes Spicy

So, you want to know why your banana tastes spicy. This may probably sound somewhat strange to many of you, but for those of you who have experienced this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Granted, bananas are generally known for their sweet taste, although this can vary depending on variety. That being said, … Read more

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Animated Banana Costumes

Hi, and welcome to “Time to Go Bananas”. This banana extravaganza is brought to you by Partha and Diane. Partha is a banana lover. In fact, he eats 3 or 4 bananas a day. Diane is allergic. I know, how sad. Partha is hoping to convert Diane at some point, although she tells him she’ll, … Read more