Why Do Bananas Get Flagged at Airport Security? (3 Banana-Scanning Facts)

Male security officer wearing protective face mask while patrolling territory of airport with police dog

It’s one of those strange occurrences that’s hard to explain; why do bananas get flagged at airport security? You would think that there wouldn’t be any issues with enjoying your favorite yellow fruit when you’re traveling. However, more often than not, bananas seem to get flagged by airport security. And this even happens when your … Read more

Can You Eat Cooking Bananas Raw? (3 Plantain-Eating Facts)

A bunch of green cooking bananas

You’ve probably looked and pondered, can you eat cooking bananas raw? We all love bananas, and there’s nothing more satisfying than that sweet taste. However, cooking bananas, or plantains, may look similar to traditional bananas, but not many of us have tried eating one raw. So, this begs the question of whether plantains are actually … Read more