Can Fish Eat Bananas? (4 Fish-Banana Eating Facts)

It’s a question that’s asked fairly often, can fish eat bananas?

You’re typically spoilt for choice when it comes to feeding fish.

However, many of the options seem to be tailor-made specifically for fish.

This begs the question of whether they’re able to eat food more suitable for human consumption.

And where better to start than the humble banana?

So, please allow me to explain what you need to know about fish and bananas.

The vast majority of fish can eat bananas. In fact, they appear to love them. Plus, the various minerals and nutrients found in bananas are very healthy for fish. That being said, you should avoid feeding bananas to carnivorous fish, as they are unable to digest large amounts of carbohydrates. It’s best to cut or break bananas into small pieces, depending on the size of the fish. However, be aware that bananas will dissolve fairly quickly in water, which can cause quite a mess.

1. Do Fish Go Bananas for Bananas?

As it turns out, fish absolutely love bananas.

Plus, you’ll be pleased to hear that bananas are very healthy for fish too.

The numerous minerals and nutrients in bananas will help fish to grow and can even increase longevity.

Furthermore, the vitamin B6, vitamin C, and potassium content of bananas are among the most important elements for fish

However, bananas should really only be served as a treat, perhaps no more than once or twice a week.

Bananas contain carbohydrates, and as they ripen, these carbs convert to sugar.

So, just as with us humans, too much sugar isn’t a good thing.

Funnily enough, just like ourselves, fish can even become addicted to the sugar rush and may be on the lookout for more bananas.

So, just be wary.

2. Can I Feed Bananas to the Carnivores?

Most fish can eat bananas and easily digest them.

However, you should avoid feeding bananas to carnivores.

They have larger stomachs but shorter digestive tracts than their omnivore counterparts.

A carnivorous fish will typically consume up to 70% of its diet in protein.

The rest is made up of fats and only a tiny amount of carbohydrates.

In fact, the small amount of plant matter carnivorous fish eat will suffice for their carb requirements.

They simply won’t be able to handle or digest carbs in higher quantities.

So, don’t feed bananas to carnivores.

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3. How to Feed Bananas to Fish?

It obviously doesn’t make a great deal of sense to drop an entire banana into a fish tank or even a pond.

Admittedly, there will be a feeding frenzy at first, but you have to remember that their appetites are microscopic compared to ours.

So, simply cut off small slithers, slices, or chunks to feed fish.

Once their bellies are full, they’ll soon lose interest.

Therefore, at first, you may want to try holding a small piece of banana between two fingers at the top of the tank to see how they react.

You could also try placing tiny slices of banana into a non-toxic mesh bag and allowing it to fall to the bottom of the tank.

And, of course, you can simply drop slices of banana in with the fish, but just make sure you use minuscule portions.

4. Watch Out for the Mess?

To be completely honest, I would be wary of completely submerging banana pieces into a fish tank.

As the bananas come into contact with the water, they are likely to disintegrate.

This will simply create mush in the water, which makes it harder to clean.

Additionally, once the bananas dissipate, you have literally created sugar water.

Perhaps, not the healthiest option for the fish.

Plus, if you add banana pieces to a saltwater aquarium, the reaction promotes the growth of algae and bacteria due to the higher acid and sugar levels.

All of these various reactions mean that you’re going to have to clean the tank on a far more regular basis.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, fish can eat bananas, and they actually really like them.

However, you should only feed fish bananas as a treat, perhaps once or twice a week, due to the sugar content.

That being said, avoid feeding bananas to carnivorous fish, as they simply won’t be able to digest that amount of carbohydrates.

You should only ever feed fish tiny pieces of banana.

Plus, be wary of dropping banana pieces in with the fish, as you’ll only have to clean the tank out more often.

If you prefer a more furry pet, then you will need to know if it’s safe for cats to eat bananas.

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