Can You Eat Cooking Bananas Raw? (3 Plantain-Eating Facts)

A bunch of green cooking bananas

You’ve probably looked and pondered, can you eat cooking bananas raw? We all love bananas, and there’s nothing more satisfying than that sweet taste. However, cooking bananas, or plantains, may look similar to traditional bananas, but not many of us have tried eating one raw. So, this begs the question …

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Can You Eat Bananas on Keto? (3 Banana-Keto Facts)

A plate with fruit bananas, kiwi, blueberries and nuts on a wooden background

It’s something that most of us want to know, can you eat bananas on keto? I’m sure you’re aware that you’ll need to limit your carbs on keto. However, most fruits are typically viewed as healthy food choices. With that being said, many fruits generally have a high carb content, …

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Does Eating Bananas Increase Phlegm? (3 Banana-Mucus Facts)

Unhappy ill woman touching her neck, suffering sore throat, viral infection or flu symptoms standing on blue background

You’re clearly worried if you’re asking, does eating bananas increase phlegm? Perhaps, you appear to be suffering from excess mucus and phlegm production. And unfortunately, the only culprit appears to be the beloved yellow fruit. We all know that bananas are generally healthy, nutritious, and taste wonderful. However, that’s not …

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