Can Bananas Make a Child Hyperactive? (2 Interesting Child-Friendly Banana Facts)

When feeding your child their favorite fruit, you may be wondering, can bananas make a child hyperactive?

It is well documented that some foods can worsen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but are bananas one of them?

Sugar is usually the main culprit, and there is no doubt that bananas are very sweet.

If bananas are to blame, do they cause ADHD in the first place?

Surely bananas are a healthy option, as obviously they don’t contain preservatives or artificial colors?

Let’s look at the truth behind bananas and hyperactivity.

Bananas cannot make a child hyperactive, but they can worsen the symptoms of diagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Foods with high sugar content are known to give a rush of energy, and overripe bananas, in particular, have more sugar than other fruits. Eliminating bananas from your child’s diet is the first step to see if there is an improvement in their attention and focus. If your child does not have a recognized hyperactivity disorder, eating bananas may mimic the symptoms but could be due to an allergy to the fruit. Any unexpected reaction to food should always be investigated by a medical professional. 

Is Hyperactivity Caused by Bananas?

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you know how distressing this can be.

And you may be wondering what caused it in the first place.

If your child enjoys bananas, perhaps they are to blame.

You will be pleased to know that this is not the case, although eating them can worsen the symptoms of ADHD.

That is because one of the main causes of hyperactivity is sugar, and there is no denying that bananas are sugary fruit.

And as a banana continues to ripen, the sugar level increases.

That extra rush of energy from the sugar can make a child more hyperactive than usual.

Maintaining a steady blood sugar level is key to helping children with their attention, mood, and focus.

If you want to confirm that it really is the bananas that are worsening the symptoms, simply eliminate them from their diet.

However, if your child does not have a diagnosed hyperactivity disorder, then an unexpected reaction to the fruit needs to be investigated.

If your child is allergic to the fruit, then it needs to be avoided, particularly if there is any danger of anaphylactic shock.

Are Bananas Bad for Children?

So, in general, are bananas bad for children?

Or, because they are a fruit, should you automatically assume they are a healthy option?

Most parents start feeding bananas to their babies at a young age, as they are easy to eat when mashed or pureed and have an appealing sweet taste.

Plus, they are easy to carry as a quick snack.

Four months is the earliest age at which to introduce this sweet treat, and only one-third of a banana per day.

They do contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are essential to growth.

These include magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and B6.

However, there are some downsides to this favorite yellow fruit.

They are high in sugar, which of course, can lead to diabetes, tooth decay, and weight gain.

The riper the banana, the higher the sugar content, so be wary of feeding your children overripe fruit and save them for banana bread!

Constipation is another unwanted side effect of too many bananas.

Conversely, because bananas are high in fiber, they can be used to relieve constipation!

As a maximum, a child over 12 months should have no more than one banana per day.

You may have heard some horror stories of potassium poisoning, but realistically, that is unlikely to happen unless your child consumes a huge amount of bananas.

Bananas are very filling, and your child may be too full to eat anything else, which leads to a lack of a balanced diet.

As with everything, moderation is key.

Does Sugar Make Kids Hyperactive?

Final Thoughts

Bananas do not cause hyperactivity but can make symptoms worse.

This is due to the high sugar content in the fruit.

Allergies may also cause the same increase in activity, and these should be investigated.

In general, bananas are good for children, but there are downsides to be aware of.

Always consult a medical professional if your child’s behavior changes.

If you have a younger child, but you may be interested to find out if bananas give babies gas.

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