Is the Black Tip of a Banana Safe to Eat?

A monkey holding a banana in its hand, with its fingers carefully peeling back the skin from the black tip of the banana

I bet you have never really paid attention to the structure of a banana in your eagerness to eat it! However, if you look at it carefully, you might wonder, what is the black tip of a banana called? Let’s find out, and then you can amuse your friends with …

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Is Your Banana Turning Into a Cocktail?

A perfectly ripe banana placed beside a stylish cocktail glass filled with a banana-inspired cocktail, such as a banana daiquiri or a banana-infused rum drink

When enjoying your tasty snack, have you ever thought, why does my banana taste like alcohol? And perhaps, I would also be wondering, is it still safe to eat? Can children eat bananas that have reached the overripe stage? This is actually a natural part of the process as the …

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