Do Bananas Conduct Electricity? (3 Surprising Physics Facts About Bananas)

You may think that fruit and electricity are not natural partners, but stay with me on this one!

At some point in time, somebody clearly wondered do bananas conduct electricity.

Numerous experiments have been carried out to determine which fruits are capable of conducting an electrical current.

Let’s take a look at how well the banana does, compared to other fruit.

And keep reading for more fascinating facts about the physical attributes of a banana.

Yes, bananas have all the elements to be able to conduct electricity. A banana contains electrolytes in the form of ions, such as potassium and sodium. Water is a further necessary component, and there is a high level of moisture in the fruit and the peel. When introduced to an electric current, by inserting two different metals into the fruit, the banana is capable of conducting electricity. However, a banana does not have the necessary power to be used as a battery, even if several are linked together, unlike potatoes and citric fruit, which have a higher success rate. 

1. Can You Use a Banana to Swipe Your Smartphone?

Now, this is something you can impress your friends with!

To understand why this is possible, we need to look at how your finger interacts with your smartphone or other devices.

Your fingers are actually made up of three parts salty water.

This means they have electric ions floating in them.

Meanwhile, your smartphone has lots of tiny electric fields under the glass, arranged in a specific grid formation.

The magic happens when your finger touches the glass, which triggers a change in the electric fields.

The grid detects exactly where on the screen your finger is touching and swiping.

The lightest touch will work; additional pressure is not required.

But here’s the fun part!

Your phone doesn’t know it’s being touched by a finger; it just detects something that is capable of conducting electricity.

This also explains why you can’t use your fingers on a smartphone when wearing gloves, as the material does not conduct electricity.

However, as we have seen above, a banana can conduct an electrical current.

So, your smartphone doesn’t recognize any difference between your finger and a banana.

You really can use a banana on your smartphone, so why not try it today?

2. Do Bananas Contain Metal?

I’m not talking about visible pieces of metal in your banana!

Compared to other fruits, a banana contains the highest level of magnesium and potassium.

One banana alone can contain over 400mg of potassium, which is approximately 10 percent of our daily requirement.

You may be wondering if perhaps you could suffer from potassium poisoning if you eat too many bananas in a day.

Thankfully, this is not possible, as you would have to eat approximately seven bananas for every pound that you weigh.

There are also trace amounts of magnesium, selenium, iron, zinc, and copper.

These elements are essential for many functions in the body, including the maintenance of fluid levels and reducing the risk of kidney stones.

3. Can Insulation Be Made from Bananas?

The fiber from bananas is ideal as thermal insulation material.

As a natural by-product from the commercial banana industry, there is an abundance of fiber available, making it a sustainable choice.

However, you may be surprised to learn that we are not talking about the fruit itself but the banana plant.

The trunks or stems of the banana plant are essentially a fibrous structure, which can be divided into individual fibers, similar to hemp or coconut insulation.

And it can be used for acoustic insulation, perhaps making your noisy neighbors a thing of the past!

The leaves of the banana plant can also be used in the production of durable textiles and clothing.

How to Create a Simple Electric Generator From a Banana

Final Thoughts

So, now you know the answer to the question of whether bananas can conduct electricity.

The science behind it is relatively simple, and the same, or better, results can be achieved with any fruit.

And as for using a banana on a smartphone, who would have guessed that was possible?

Plus, we have discovered that bananas contain metal.

Could that be why bananas are picked up by airport security?

You will now look at your favorite snack in a new light.


  1. Can bananas conduct electricity?
    Yes, bananas can conduct electricity due to their electrolyte content and moisture. However, they cannot be used as a battery.
  2. Can you use a banana to swipe your smartphone?
    Yes, a banana can interact with a smartphone’s touchscreen because it mimics the electrical conductivity of a finger.
  3. Do bananas contain metal?
    While not visibly, bananas are rich in minerals like magnesium and potassium, essential for various bodily functions.
  4. Can insulation be made from bananas?
    Yes, insulation can be made from banana plant fibers, offering a sustainable option for thermal and acoustic insulation.

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