Can You Break Off Bananas at The Store? (3 Banana-Breaking Facts)

It’s something that I’ve worried about for years, “Can You Break Off Bananas at The Store?”

I’m sure it’s not just me that approaches breaking off bananas with stealth-like military precision.

There’s almost a sense of guilt, as I look around to ensure no-one’s watching me.

And then I quickly break off the 3 or 4 bananas that I need, put them in my basket, and swiftly move away.

This got me to thinking, is this an “illegal” act?

Is it frowned upon?

Here’s what you need to know.

Can You Break Off Bananas at The Store?

You can indeed break off bananas at the store. The major supermarkets have no issues with people simply taking as many bananas as they want, even if this means breaking off one or two. With that being said, there are some smaller grocery stores who would prefer you to take bananas by the entire bunch. Their reasoning is that most customers prefer bunches that have not been man-handled. Unfortunately, often one or two stray bananas from a main bunch will not be purchased and will eventually end up as waste.

1. What the Major Supermarkets Have to Say

It appears there is a “Battle of the Sexes” when it comes to breaking off bananas.

I’m sure Diane will correct me if I’m wrong.

However, it appears I am not alone (it’s mainly men) when it comes to feeling guilty about not taking a whole bunch of bananas.

Social media and online forums are rife with men who are aghast at their wives and girlfriends simply taking what they want.

The muffled male cries of “You can’t do that” ringing in the female ears.

With that being said, it appears the ladies have it completely right.

And unfortunately us men are making a mountain out of a molehill.

There is no “law” that states you can’t break off bananas from the bunch.

Me being me, I had to investigate further.

So, yes I did what any sane (insane) man would do and begrudgingly visited a number of major supermarkets and asked the question.

As it turns out every single reply I received deemed that breaking off bananas was perfectly acceptable.

I can now rest safe in the knowledge that my banana breaking exploits won’t see me carted off to the police station.

2. Be Sensible With Your Banana Breaking

Now, even though it’s fine to break off what you want from the main bunch, there are a few unwritten rules.

The most obvious is that you should always be careful as to not pull the top off any banana and expose the flesh underneath.

Furthermore, if you want four bananas, then break off 4 bananas from a main bunch.

Don’t go around plucking an individual banana from 4 different bunches.

Okay, this isn’t really that big of a deal, it’s just a little petty.

Additionally, if you only want two bananas and there happens to be a bunch of just 2 bananas, just take that bunch.

But, often this isn’t the case, as some may choose a different bunch based on quality and ripeness.

I guess I can’t really argue with this, but it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Finally, there are many stores that will specifically sell bananas in bunches and individually.

Obviously, if you only want a certain number of bananas, take what you need from the individual display.

Plus, there are stores who will only sell bananas in bags.

It is definitely not okay to tear open a bag and only take the bananas you want.

I shouldn’t have to say that, but I am still amazed at some of the weird and crazy stuff that people do.

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3. There’s Always That ONE Store

Now, I’m sure you’re all on a massive high at the fantastic news that there isn’t a worldwide embargo on breaking off bananas.

However, it appears that not everyone is in agreement with the break off rules.

A grocer (who shall remain unnamed) took to Reddit a few years back to ask patrons to stop tearing bananas off the bunch.

His argument was that split bunches are harder to sell, as most of us prefer bunches that haven’t been “man-handled”.

Oh no, I totally see his point.

Unfortunately, these sad, lonely, and often ignored man-handled banana bunches remain unsold.

Our grocer friend tells us that this means that these bananas will typically end up in the trash or compost.

He further adds that this will eventually cause the price of bananas to rise.

Is anyone else at a loss for words?

Okay firstly, all larger-chain supermarkets will donate unused fruit to food banks or sell them to salvage stores.

And even many of the smaller grocery stores follow suit.

“Wastage” should never be an issue.

It is also said that certain smaller grocery stores or markets may even have signs asking patrons not to break off bananas from the bunch.

However, as I’ve never seen evidence of this I’m calling it an urban myth for now.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see it is perfectly acceptable to break off bananas from the bunch.

Obviously, be sensible with your breaking off and don’t damage whatever’s left on the bunch.

Don’t be tempted to break an individual banana off many different bunches (although there is still nothing wrong with doing this, it just doesn’t feel right).

And if you ever do see a couple of bananas in their own little bunch, be kind and take those first.

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