What is the Black Tip of a Banana Called? (Plus 2 Banana Peeling Tips)

I bet you have never really paid attention to the structure of a banana in your eagerness to eat it!

However, if you look at it carefully, you might wonder, what is the black tip of a banana called?

Let’s find out, and then you can amuse your friends with this fascinating fact!

Continue reading to discover a couple of tips on peeling your banana and how to get rid of the strings that nobody likes.

The black tip of the banana is sometimes called the bananus, and it is a popular urban myth that they are spider eggs. However, it is actually the remains of the banana flower. It is safe to eat, but as it tastes very bitter, is commonly discarded. A banana plant grows from a bulb, and the flower appears after approximately six months. There are male and female flowers, but only the female transform into the fruit. At the point of harvesting at nine months, the flower will have died away, leaving a black tip at the end of the banana. 

1. What is the Correct Way to Peel a Banana?

I can see you are shaking your head, as surely there is only one way to peel a banana.

Of course, most people would automatically peel from the stalk end, as it snaps off naturally.

However, it is also possible to peel a banana from the opposite end.

This is thought to be the way in which monkeys typically peel their bananas, but actually, they usually eat them whole without removing the skin.

So, what is the correct way to peel a banana?

Of course, it’s down to personal preference, but the traditional method starting from the stalk end is actually messier and may crush a portion of the fruit.

If you want to try peeling a banana more efficiently, then first turn it upside down.

Next, squeeze the black tip of the fruit between your thumb and finger, as this will split the skin.

Simply peel the skin down without causing any bruising or damage to the fruit, ready to eat!

As an added bonus, the stalk end of the banana is now a convenient, sturdy handle!

A less popular method is to snap the banana in half, but the fruit must not be overly ripe for this to be successful.

2. How to Peel a Banana Without the Strings?

Are you fussy about your bananas?

Do you not want to eat the strings?

Don’t worry, I have a foolproof method of how to peel a banana without the strings.

Simply cut off the last piece of the banana and pull the peel up rather than down.

As the skin comes away, it will take the strings from the fruit as well.

This also has the added advantage of removing the black tip that nobody wants to eat.

Why do bananas have strings anyway?

Surprisingly, they serve an important purpose and have the scientific name of phloem bundles.

They distribute all the necessary nutrients, including water, throughout the banana plant, ensuring consistent growth.

You may not like them, but they are completely edible and safe to eat.

In fact, the strings are good for you as they contain potassium, fiber, and Vitamins A and B6.

The strings become looser and easier to remove as the banana ripens, as they have done their job.

If the strings are tight, it means they are still expecting to deliver nutrients, as the fruit is not ripe yet.

Ongoing research is looking into a way to create bananas that don’t have strings, but why interfere with nature?

How to Peel a Banana (The Right and Easy Way)

Final Thoughts

Does this answer your question as to what the black tip of a banana is called?

And now you know, it makes perfect sense that it is the remains of the flower.

Plus, you have now discovered some banana peeling tips.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the next time you fancy a banana, peel it upside down!

Not only will it be so much easier, but as you remove the peel, it will take those unappetizing strings with it.

If you enjoy learning these weird kinds of facts, you might want to find out if bananas are male or female!


  1. What is the black tip of a banana called?
    The black tip of a banana is humorously called the “bananus” and is the remains of the banana flower. It is safe but often discarded due to its bitter taste.
  2. Is the black tip of a banana safe to eat?
    Yes, it is safe to eat but is typically removed for taste preferences.
  3. What is the correct way to peel a banana?
    Turning the banana upside down and squeezing the black tip can provide an easier and less messy way to peel the fruit, avoiding bruising.
  4. How can you peel a banana without getting strings?
    Peeling the banana by cutting off the end and pulling the peel upwards can help remove the strings along with the black tip.
  5. Why do bananas have strings, and are they safe to eat?
    The strings are phloem bundles that distribute nutrients throughout the banana. They are safe and nutritious to eat.

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