Why are Bananas Picked at Night? (And 2 More Banana Harvesting Facts)

You may have come across this unusual fact before and wondered why bananas are picked at night.

Is there a scientific reason behind it?

Is it anything to do with the people who pick them?

Or is there a commercial reason?

Maybe it’s better if the bananas can’t see that somebody is coming to get them!

Don’t worry, I have done all the research for you, so let’s look at the answer.

And don’t forget to read on to discover when you should harvest your own bananas.

When a banana begins to ripen, exposure to light will speed up the process. This is also true even after the banana has been harvested. By picking bananas at night, it limits their time in well-lit conditions and stops the ripening process. This ensures that the fruit is at the optimum stage for packing and sending to market. If picked during daylight hours, the bananas may be overripe by the time they are sold. Bananas should definitely not be picked in the morning, as they may be covered in dew. Wet bananas can quickly develop unpleasant, possibly dangerous mold.

1. When Should You Harvest Bananas?

If you are lucky enough to have your own banana tree, you will need to know when you should harvest your bananas.

As presumably, the fruit will be for your own consumption and not marketed, you won’t have to pick your bananas at night.

Might have been a bit difficult to explain to your neighbors!

The first thing to remember is to only take as much as you can reasonably eat within the space of a couple of days.

Once you have harvested the bananas, the entire bunch will ripen at the same time, which could lead to wastage.

Once the fruit takes on a slight hint of its famous yellow color, this is the time to cut them.

They will continue to ripen after harvesting, so don’t wait until they are fully yellow, as they will quickly rot.

The banana should have a plump, round appearance, having lost its initial square shape.

You can also tell that they are ready if the flower at the end of each banana has dried out.

Occasionally, the entire plant may fall over when the fruit is ready for harvesting.

This is nothing to worry about, as the plant will only produce bananas one time anyway and will then need to be cut down.

2. How to Hang Your Bananas After Harvesting?

Unless you have a very small plant and are simply picking one bunch at a time, you may have a whole stalk of bananas that need storing after you have harvested them.

Where is the best place to keep them, and why do they need to be hung up?

The first thing to consider is that a big stalk of bananas is really heavy and can weigh up to 200 lbs!

So, you will need a sturdy rafter or something similar that can take the weight.

Perhaps a garage or an outbuilding would be your best option.

These locations are also ideal as the bananas will need to be kept at a lower temperature to slow the ripening process.

You will need a long, sturdy rope, and this should be tied around the stem of the bunch.

Loop the other end of the rope around the rafter and secure it tightly.

You may be surprised to find that sap will leak from the bunch for about 24 hours.

Place some kind of covering on the floor to catch the drips, as the banana sap is very sticky and not easy to clean up.

Hanging the bananas limits the possibility of bruising the fruit, which can lead to an unappetizing brown appearance.

Harvesting Bananas! Everything You Need To Know To Grow Your Own Fruit!

Final Thoughts

So, now you know why bananas are picked at night.

And if you have your own banana tree, you will have learned when is the best time to harvest your fruit.

Don’t forget you will need somewhere to store your fruit after harvesting.

Too much trouble? Get them from your local store!

But if you purchase your fruit rather than grow it, how do you know if the bananas have been chemically ripened?

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  1. Thanks for this very instructive video! I just recently moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and have lots of banana trees on our property–fruiting now, so glad to find your video to know when to harvest and then what to do with the tree etc. And very helpful to know HOW to hang the banana stalk too. 🙂
    Thanks so much!


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