Can Bananas Have Spiders in Them? (3 Scary Banana Spider Facts)

If you are not a fan of creepy crawlies, you may be wondering, can bananas have spiders in them?

I am sure you have all seen the lurid stories reported in the news of horrifying tales of baby spiders terrorizing the unwary banana eater!

The question itself needs some clarification.

Are we talking about spiders literally inside a banana, waiting to leap out when you peel it?

Or just a foreign beastie nestled among your bananas?

Take my hand, and I will bravely lead you through the scary world of bananas and spiders!

Yes, bananas can have spiders within the fruit itself and also hidden in the packaging. Thankfully, this is rare as the creatures are unlikely to survive the air freight journey. However, it is possible for Brazilian wandering spiders to lay their eggs inside a banana, which will allow them to mature. As the banana is peeled, the egg sac will break, releasing the spiders, which could number several hundred. The potentially deadly false widow spider can also conceal itself between the bananas. This will typically only occur in bananas imported from South America.  

1. A Banana Spider Urban Myth?

Having established that bananas can have spiders, there is one forever circulating story that is simply not true.

That is the theory that the black tip of the banana is entirely composed of spider eggs.

You can read more on this subject by clicking the link at the end of this article.

Other so-called spider facts are also not true.

There are no species of spiders that lay their eggs in banana flowers.

Spiders prefer their egg sacs to be well-protected, and the life of the banana flower is quite short, and it quickly dies.

And neither are there any screaming banana spiders, as was suggested in an internet spoof several years ago!

2. What About Harmless Spiders in Bananas?

You can easily identify the dangerous Brazilian wandering spider as it has a leg span measuring six inches!

And should it bite you, get to the hospital immediately.

The venom can kill in as little as two hours.

However, just as with any other fruit, bananas may have the occasional stowaway, but they are not always dangerous.

The red-faced banana spider is an inhabitant of Central America.

It can survive the relatively short journey to the mainland US.

However, it is completely harmless and causes no reaction should you happen to be bitten.

If you are too squeamish to squash the spider, you can place the banana in the freezer to deal with the hairy pest.

3. Are There Other Bugs or Insects in Bananas?

Yes, unfortunately, spiders are not the only threat.

The banana aphid may be found clinging to your favorite fruit.

These creatures are very tiny and difficult to spot.

You may have already eaten one without realizing it!

Other banana pests include the sugarcane weevil, the banana scab moth, and the banana skipper.

However, the harvesting and transportation process will usually remove all traces of these creatures.

To remove any potential insects or bugs, simply wash the fruit.

This will also get rid of any eggs that may be attached to the fruit.

Egg sacs may actually be from the mealybug and are completely harmless, although unpleasant to look at.

Spider Forces It’s Way Out of a Banana

Final Thoughts

I hope I haven’t scared you too much with all these bananas and spider facts!

We have discovered that it is relatively rare to see a spider in your banana hand.

And the most dangerous one is huge, and you would spot it immediately.

Spiders don’t lay their eggs in banana flowers, but occasionally, they can lay them in the fruit itself.

And let’s not even think about all the other nasty pests that may be lurking.

Better safe than sorry; always check your banana carefully before you tuck in!

And now, as promised earlier, find out if the black end of the banana has eggs in it!

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