Can You Eat Cooking Bananas Raw? (3 Plantain-Eating Facts)

A bunch of green cooking bananas

You’ve probably looked and pondered, can you eat cooking bananas raw? We all love bananas, and there’s nothing more satisfying than that sweet taste. However, cooking bananas, or plantains, may look similar to traditional bananas, but not many of us have tried eating one raw. So, this begs the question of whether plantains are actually … Read more

Can Bananas Make a Child Hyperactive? (2 Interesting Child-Friendly Banana Facts)

Child cutting a banana

When feeding your child their favorite fruit, you may be wondering, can bananas make a child hyperactive? It is well documented that some foods can worsen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but are bananas one of them? Sugar is usually the main culprit, and there is no doubt that bananas are very … Read more