Are Bananas Better Than Grapes? (The Surprising Truth!)

It’s safe to say that both bananas and grapes are popular fruits and are seen to be healthy snack options.

But which one is better in terms of nutrition?

Do they have different beneficial effects on your health?

Maybe, bananas are seen as more convenient to carry around than grapes.

Does it matter which variety of grape or banana you eat?

Does either of the two fruits have any drawbacks?

Which option has the highest number of calories?

Let’s explore whether bananas are better than grapes and end this argument once and for all!

Both bananas and grapes are relatively low in fat and calories but have different nutritional profiles. Bananas contain vitamins B6 and C, plus they are a good source of potassium. Grapes, on the other hand, also have vitamin K, antioxidants, and a small amount of potassium. Both fruits have dietary fiber and are said to lower the risk of heart disease. Bananas and grapes need to be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, as they are high in sugar. Both fruits have their own unique texture and taste and can be used in cooking.  

Do Bananas Have More Vitamins Than Grapes?

I suppose that many of us think that all fruits are pretty much equal in terms of nutrition and health benefits.

Typically, it’s down to individual preferences as to which ones we eat.

But what if we are looking for a specific effect on your health, which is more nutritious, bananas or grapes?

In terms of vitamins, both fruits have B6 and C, but grapes also have vitamin K. 

Bananas have more vitamin B6, providing up to one-third of what we require on a daily basis, as opposed to grapes offering just 8% of what we need. 

This could be important to you, as B6 may reduce symptoms of depression, could prevent and treat anemia, and can stave off nausea during pregnancy. 

Moving on to vitamin C, bananas are again the winners here, and this may be of benefit to the elderly.

One of the many benefits of vitamin C is that it stimulates bone-forming cells, which could prevent osteoporosis.

If vitamin K is what you’re looking for, then grapes are better than bananas in that respect.

One cup of green or red grapes supplies us with 18% of our daily vitamin K requirements.

Again, this vitamin is necessary for good bone health but is also essential for blood clotting.

What Are the Health Benefits of Bananas and Grapes?

Other than the specific benefits of the vitamins listed above, are there any other reasons to eat bananas or grapes?

Let’s look at the potassium levels, and once again, bananas are out in front!

Just one banana alone can have up to 450mg of potassium, and this mineral is known to have a beneficial effect on heart health.

In fact, the American Heart Association recommends increasing your potassium to improve your blood pressure.

But don’t ignore grapes if you want to up your potassium intake, as 100g will still contain enough to provide 5% of your required allowance. 

Dietary fiber also plays a part in keeping your heart healthy, and both fruits can help you keep hydrated and reduce the risk of constipation.

No doubt you are aware that red wine is said to be good for us, in moderation, of course.

So, clearly, this must be related to the grapes it is made from.

The important element is actually the grape skins, but only the red variety. 

The skins include an antioxidant called resveratrol, which may possibly slow the growth of cancerous tumors.

Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals.

Back to bananas again, and they are favored by athletes as they are a great source of energy and can also improve digestion.

I guess, to sum this up, if vitamin B6 and potassium are what you need, grab a banana!

But if you are looking for antioxidants and vitamin C, then grapes are your best bet.

Are Bananas Healthy or Unhealthy?

My Thoughts

  • Both bananas and grapes offer some health benefits and are a great addition to a balanced diet
  • Bananas have dietary fiber, vitamins B6 and C, and are an excellent source of potassium
  • Grapes also have vitamin C, plus vitamin K but are a better source of antioxidants, and in particular, resveratrol
  • Both fruits are fairly low in fat and calories
  • There is no real better choice between bananas and grapes, it depends on your individual dietary needs

I hope this article hasn’t confused you further as regards whether grapes or bananas are the best option!

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