Are Bananas Healthier Than Strawberries? (The Fascinating Answer!)

Most popular fruits are known to be good for you, but out of bananas and strawberries, which one is healthier?

Do they have the same calories and fat content?

Do bananas or strawberries have the most vitamins and minerals?

Which fruit has more fiber?

Is there a difference in the sugar levels of bananas and strawberries?

Are both fruits safe for diabetics?

Are there any negatives or side effects from eating either of them?

Let’s solve the conundrum of bananas vs. strawberries! 

Bananas and strawberries have different nutritional profiles and health benefits. As regards calories, an average size banana has around 105 calories, and a cup of strawberries provides 49 calories. But if used for weight loss, then a banana has more fiber which keeps a person feeling full for longer and better able to resist snacking. Strawberries have approximately half the amount of sugar as a banana. Both fruits are a good source of vitamin C, with strawberries being a better option, as one cup provides 150% of the recommended daily allowance. Bananas and strawberries have different minerals, including potassium and manganese.    

What Are the Health Benefits of Bananas and Strawberries?

Similar to most fruits, bananas and strawberries have several vitamins and minerals.

If you have a specific health concern, then one fruit will be more suitable than the other. 

As regards vitamins, bananas and strawberries both have vitamin C.

In fact, just one cup of strawberries supplies you with 150% of the recommended intake of vitamin C.

This will be beneficial in terms of the immune system and healthy skin.

Bananas offer a third of our daily requirement of B6, whereas strawberries have a minimal amount.

So, if anemia, depression, and nausea during pregnancy are of any concern to you, then bananas are the better option.

But conversely, if you are pregnant, then strawberries contain vitamin B9, also known as folate, which is vital for normal tissue growth.

Now, let’s look at the minerals in strawberries and bananas.

Both fruits are a great source of potassium, which is said to improve your heart health, as it helps to regulate your blood pressure. 

Strawberries also contain manganese, which promotes blood clotting and wound healing and helps form bones.

Please consult your healthcare provider for further information on any of these issues.

What Are the Downsides of Bananas and Strawberries?

Although both bananas and strawberries can be seen as healthy options, they can affect your health in different ways.

So, let’s talk about the bad guys, the calorie count, and the levels of sugar.

An average size banana has double the amount of calories compared to a cup of strawberries, coming in at approximately 105, with strawberries having 49.

Although whether that’s a fair comparison is up for debate, as you are looking at different serving sizes.

But if calories are a concern because you are hoping to lose weight on a diet, then bananas may actually be a better option. 

That’s because they have a higher fiber content than strawberries, meaning that you will feel fuller for longer and not be at risk of grabbing a few snacks!

Fiber is also necessary for a healthy digestive system, so a daily banana can help in that respect.

Now, let’s look at the sugar content of bananas and strawberries.

To be fair, both fruits have natural sugars, so only eat them in moderation as part of your balanced diet. 

But if you are worried about sugar, perhaps you have diabetes, then a cup of strawberries has about 7 grams, and a whole banana has 14 grams.

Why Are Bananas Berries, But Strawberries Aren’t?

My Thoughts

  • Both fruits have potassium, which is essential for heart health and regulating blood pressure 
  • Strawberries supply more than a day’s recommendation of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and protects against many diseases
  • Both fruits contain dietary fiber, especially bananas, and this will help with digestion and feeling full
  • Bananas do have more calories and sugar content than strawberries, so perhaps avoid them if trying to lose weight
  • Bananas and strawberries are both healthy options, but ideally, you should consume them in moderation

So, there is no real conclusion and no reason not to enjoy both if you enjoy their unique taste!

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