Are Brown Bananas Safe to Eat?

A progression of three or four bananas, starting with a green unripe one, followed by a yellow partially ripe one, and ending with a brown fully ripe banana

It’s a question I see asked all the time, can you eat bananas that are brown inside? We all know that we typically have 5-6 days maximum before bananas start to turn brown (or black) on the outside. However, every once in a while, you’re greeted with a banana that …

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Are Hard-Core Bananas Safe to Eat?

A detailed illustration showing a cross-section of a banana with a pronounced hard center

A banana’s hard center occurs when temperature dips prevent growth. Cooler temps hinder cell division needed to develop soft banana flesh, so the hard, inedible core inside persists. Removing covers too early after the flower emerges also exposes bananas to temps too low for cells to expand properly. Have you …

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