How Do You Keep Bananas from Turning Black in Banoffee Pie? (2 Fresh Banana Facts)

As you are making your favorite dessert, have you ever wondered how you keep bananas from turning black in banoffee pie?

After all, it’s not very appealing to see mushy black or brown banana slices under the cream topping!

Is there anything you can put on bananas to stop them from turning black?

Or do you just have to keep them covered so the air doesn’t get to them?

Perhaps you are making your Banoffee Pie in advance and are wondering when is the best moment to slice the bananas.

Let’s see if there are any answers!

There are two techniques to keep bananas from turning black in Banoffee Pie. The easiest is to ensure that the sliced bananas are completely covered with the cream topping, so they are not exposed to air. The cream should be added as quickly as possible, and the bananas sliced at the last moment. The other option is to use citrus juice. The use of orange, lemon, or pineapple juice will stop banana slices from turning brown and, eventually, black. As the juice could change the taste of the pie, simply spritz it or brush it lightly on the bananas. 

Why Do Bananas Turn Black in Banoffee Pie?

There is nothing worse than making a delicious Banoffee Pie and then finding that the bananas have turned brown or black after only a few minutes.

So, why does this happen, and how can you prevent it?

Once a banana is peeled and sliced, the flesh is exposed to the air.

Bananas have a high level of polyphenol oxidase, which is an enzyme that contains copper plus other chemical elements that include iron.

When sliced, the iron element of the banana oxidizes in the air.

This is the process of enzymatic browning.

It’s similar to iron nails or copper items going rusty.

The best way to prevent bananas from turning black in a Banoffee Pie is to slow down the production of the enzymes.

This can be done with citric juice, such as lemon, orange, or pineapple.

Apple cider also works, but perhaps best reserved for adult-only consumption!

To avoid changing the taste of the pie, used diluted juice.

Or lightly brush the banana slices rather than just drop them in the juice.

Another option is to use a spray bottle and gently spritz the bananas with the juice.

Of course, it’s much easier to simply cover every bit of the banana slices with the cream topping so they are not exposed to the air.

How to Keep Bananas Fresh for Banoffee Pie?

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable that you want to prepare the ingredients of your Banoffee Pie in advance.

That way, you can simply assemble it just before you want to serve it.

Unfortunately, the banana element of the pie does not keep very well and will soon turn brown, as explained above.

Other than using citric acid in fruit juice, how else can you keep bananas fresh?

Vinegar will also stop the enzymatic browning, but obviously, the banana slices will have to be washed very thoroughly, as the taste will not be pleasant otherwise.

One option is to plunge the banana slices immediately into cold water and keep them in the fridge.

The cold temperature will slow down the browning process.

You can also wrap the banana slices in foil, but they must be very tightly sealed so as not to allow any air in.

An airtight container or ziplock bag will also work quite well.

Remember to use just-ripe bananas for your Banoffee Pie.

If they are overripe, they will turn brown, then black much quicker.

How to Keep Bananas from Turning Brown

Final Thoughts

Bananas turn brown or black in Banoffee Pie because they are exposed to the air and subject to an enzymatic browning process.

To stop this from happening, use citric acid in fruit juice, such as lemon, pineapple, or orange.

Always fully cover the banana slices with the top layer of cream.

If necessary, you can prepare the bananas in advance and keep them in refrigerated cold water.

No more mushy, black banana slices, just a delicious, attractive Banoffee Pie!

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