How Do You Add Bananas to Jello? (2 Wobbly Ways to Know)

If you want to make your dessert more interesting, you may be wondering, how do you add bananas to Jello?

We all know that bananas go brown very quickly, does that happen when they are in Jello?

And because they are a very soft fruit, are the banana slices going to turn mushy?

Will the banana pieces float or sink to the bottom of the dish?

Will the banana stop the Jello from setting?

Looks like we have a lot of questions to answer!

There is no problem with adding bananas to Jello. There are two different methods to ensure that the banana slices are evenly dispersed through the Jello. The quickest way is not to add the banana until the Jello starts to thicken. This ensures that the fruit neither floats on the top nor sinks to the bottom. The banana should be stirred throughout the gelatine mix. Another option is to make up one batch of Jello, add the bananas, then allow it to set. Once firm, add another serving of Jello on top to keep the banana slices in the center of the dessert. This can be repeated to create layers of fruit.

Can You Put Bananas in Jello?

If a banana is your favorite fruit, you may have often wondered if you can put it in Jello.

Turns out, it is pretty easy to do so, but there are a few little hints and tricks you need to know.

Planning is key because, of course, bananas start to turn brown very quickly once they are peeled and sliced.

So, you can’t really prepare them in advance.

Usually, to stop bananas from going black and brown, you can cover them in lemon juice.

But because it’s an acid, the lemon will affect how the Jello sets.

Luckily, the best method of ensuring that you get your banana slices throughout the Jello is to wait until it starts to thicken.

So, this does give you time to slice the banana while you are waiting.

Once the Jello starts to go gloopy, stir your banana slices through it.

Another way of putting bananas in Jello is to add them in layers.

It’s a bit more time-consuming but looks more impressive!

Make up one batch of Jello, add the bananas and wait until it’s set.

Repeat as many times as you like.

Are Banana and Jello a Healthy Dessert?

We all know that bananas are a healthy fruit and good for you in lots of ways.

And Jello is a recommended dessert when watching your weight.

So, a combination of the two must be a healthy sweet treat.

Certainly, as regards the number of calories, you should use the sugar-free version of Jello.

A typical serving will contain 13 calories, and the addition of a medium-sized banana will bring it up to around 30 calories.

Of course, if you smother it in cream, then that’s a whole different story!

Bananas and Jello are gluten-free and suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

One important fact to note is that Jello is not suitable for those who have adopted a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

It is made from the ligaments of pigs or cows.

You would need to make your own version using agar-agar, which is a gelatin substitute.

It is derived from algae and has similar properties to regular gelatin.

Jello Bananas

Final Thoughts

Bananas and Jello is a popular dessert and easy to make.

The banana slices should be added after the Jello has started to thicken.

Several layers of Jello and bananas can be added for an attractive look.

Jello and banana is a relatively healthy dessert, as it contains few calories and is gluten-free.

However, Jello is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans as it is made from animal ingredients.

I hope you enjoy tucking into your banana and Jello treat!

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