Is it Okay to Bake Banana Bread Without Vanilla Extract? (To Vanilla or Not to Vanilla)

Vanilla extract

It’s a question I see asked fairly often, is it okay to bake banana bread without vanilla extract? You’ll typically find that most banana bread recipes call for vanilla extract. But perhaps you’ve forgotten to add it and are worried about the outcome of your loaf. Then again, maybe you just can’t stand vanilla but … Read more

Can I Use Bread Flour For Banana Bread? (4 Banana Bread Flour Facts)

Baking concept with different bread and wheat flour

It appears that many of you want to know, can I use bread flour for banana bread? Making banana bread can become somewhat confusing, especially when it comes to specific ingredients. You’ll typically find that most recipes call for flour, but they never seem to state exactly which flour. Now, initially, from the name alone, … Read more

Why Does My McDonald’s Chocolate Milkshake Taste of Banana? (2 Milky Banana Facts)

Set of strawberry banana and chocolate milkshakes in glass jars

Standing at the counter with your tasty ice-cold drink in hand, have you ever wondered why does my McDonald’s chocolate milkshake taste like a banana? After all, if you had wanted banana flavor, that’s what you would have asked for in the first place! Is there a secret twist to the McDonald’s recipe, and it’s … Read more