Can You Grow Bananas in Las Vegas? (2 Banana Growing Questions Answered)

If you live in the state of Nevada, have you ever wondered, can you grow bananas in Las Vegas?

Of course, we all think of bananas as tropical fruit from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Pacific regions.

Las Vegas is actually a desert city with mild winters and cold nights, and can get very hot in summer.

Do these conditions make it easy to grow bananas in the gambling capital of the world?

Are there any special requirements to ensure your bananas flourish in Las Vegas?

Let’s get those green fingers exploring the world of bananas and Las Vegas!

Bananas are capable of tolerating the heat of Las Vegas, but they should not be planted in direct sunlight. They require broken shade in the warmest part of the garden. The growth of the banana plant may be affected by windy conditions, and it is better to cultivate the plant in a container. That way, the bananas can be moved indoors if the weather becomes unbearable for them. However, even optimum growing conditions may not result in edible fruit, as they struggle to ripen in the desert climate. Residents of Las Vegas may prefer to grow ornamental varieties of banana plants. 

1. Can Edible Bananas Be Grown in Las Vegas?

Although it is not that difficult to grow banana plants in Las Vegas, getting them to produce edible fruit is more challenging.

The bananas rarely reach full size or ripen.

The entire growth cycle can take up to two years, so it’s quite disappointing to have no tasty snack at the end of it!

Of course, it may be that you have chosen an ornamental variety in the first place, which will never bear fruit.

It is quite rare for Las Vegas nurseries to stock banana plants, so you will probably have to order them online.

Read the description of the plant carefully to ensure you have chosen a cultivar that can stand the extremes of the Las Vegas weather.

The first problem to overcome is that of transporting your new banana plant to your Las Vegas garden.

The shock of the travel may mean that the plant will not recover enough to produce edible fruit.

Order your banana plant in spring to give it plenty of time to settle in before the weather turns colder.

If planted in a container, it will need to be pretty big, as the spread of the leaves can reach up to five feet.

Even if you don’t produce any edible bananas in las Vegas, it can still be a fun project to enjoy.

2. What are the Challenges of Growing Bananas in Las Vegas?

There are three main challenges when trying to grow bananas in Las Vegas.

They are the cold weather in winter, the hot, dry winds, and the possibility of the banana plant rotting.

You might think that being a desert city, Las Vegas is hot year-round, but this isn’t the case.

The temperature can drop very suddenly in the winter, and this will affect the top of the banana plant and its leaves, causing them to wither.

If the cold gets into the roots, then the plant will die altogether.

The desert winds in Las Vegas are hot and dry and can burn the banana plant.

The leaves of the plant are extremely large, making it easy for the wind to catch them.

The wind, if strong enough, can actually shred the leaves of a banana plant, affecting its growth.

As a tropical plant, you may think that they require a lot of water, but you can definitely overdo it.

And in winter, it’s better not to water your banana plant at all.

The combination of cold temperatures and wet soil will be a lethal combination.

Growing Bananas in Las Vegas

Final Thoughts

So, we have established that you can grow bananas in Las Vegas, but sadly, the fruit won’t be edible.

The Las Vegas climate poses too many challenges for the plant, and the bananas will not reach full size or ripen.

Having to buy your banana plants online will also increase the risk that your banana plant won’t flourish.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy bananas and live in Las Vegas, your best bet is to buy them at the store!

If you do manage to grow your tree successfully, here’s some further advice on how to keep ants away from your banana plant.

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