Is it Safe to Eat Bananas With Green Spots? (3 Green-Spotted Banana Facts)

Branch of green bananas on Thai street market

It’s a question that’s asked more often than you would think, is it safe to eat bananas with green spots? We’re used to seeing bananas with black spots and brown spots. Then again, maybe even red spots, but you’re bound to feel a little uneasy about seeing green spots. It’s just not the spotted way. … Read more

Why Do Bananas Split? (3 Banana-Splitting Facts)

Ripe overripe organic bananas on concrete background

It’s a question on every yellow-fruit-loving person’s mind, why do bananas split? We’ve all been there. You reach for your favorite fruit treat, and you notice a long split down the side. Well, that split certainly wasn’t there when you bought it. And your banana was definitely in one piece yesterday. So, what gives? Here’s … Read more